LET’S talk about neo-pulp.

Neo-pulp is a genre of writing that has inspired us in our films. We don’t like talking about it because we have issues with appearing pretentious. Let’s assume everyone here is an arty-farty wanker and we’re safe.

Neo-pulp lovingly embraces the most extreme, cliched, and supercilious elements of pop culture and pulp literature and puts them in a human context. It embraces contradictions, B grade superscience, super-heroic heroes who get all their friends killed fighting the bad guys, low brow gratuities, spectatcular gore, sweet and dorky love, silly humour, dark tragedy and flawed characters with heart.

NeoPulp; a melange of mythology and popular culture, a bit of Godzilla, a bit of Paradise Lost, some giant robots, the sexual tension of a romance novel

NeoPulp explores fascinating and strange ideas and worlds

NeoPulp is not po-faced or portentous

NeoPulp is fun without being stupid, although when it is stupid it’s fun

A chap we know little about named Adam Ford has published a manifesto about neo-pulp, read Adam Ford’s full manifesto here.

You can check out our feature films and some shorts by clicking the image below. Enter with an open mind and a free spirit and we hope you find something to enjoy in the work we’re doing.
Much love, Strongman Pictures.

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